Low frequency unit High frequency unit


frequency range: 3 mHz to 8 GHz in the two units
[(0.3 microHz to 20MHz) + (1 MHz to 3 GHz)]
impedance range: 10-3 .. 1015 W
capacity range: 10-15 .. 1 F .
high speed impedance and gain phase measurements (~200/s)
non-linear dielectric, conductivity, impedance spectroscopy
system to control the temperature between -160 to 400 °C, heating/cooling rate 0.01 .. 30 °C/min, 0.01 °C temperature stability
Materials characterization
(Dielectric relaxation of organic materials including polymers; Electronic conduction of inorganic and organic materials, including semiconductors; Electrical conduction of conventional electrolytes, polyelectrolytes, novel electrolytes; Electrical insulation in cables, capacitors using polymers; Piezolectric, pyroelectric and ferroelectric behavior of  inorganic and organic materials).
Basic studies of the dynamics of phase transitions under external influence (phase boundaries, electronic and ionic contributions to electrical conductivity)