Ion Smaranda
Researcher Assistant

phone: +40-21369 0170 / 163
Fax    : +40-21369 0177


Faculty of Physics, Master in Optical, Specroscopy, Plasma, Lasers , October 2009- February 2011

Faculty of Physics, Diplomat Engineer, Physics-Technology, University of Bucharest, Romania,

October 2004-June 2009

High School Constantin Dobrescu,Curtea de Arges, September 2000-June 2003


Professional positions:

Assistant Researcher, Lab. Laboratory of Optical Process in Nanostructured Materials (LOPNM), National Institute of Materials Physics (NIMP), 2010. Technician Lab. Optics and Spectroscopy (LOS), National Institute of Materials Physics (NIMP), 2009


VIsiting position:

Institut des  Materiaux Jean Rouxell , Nantes, France-working stage in  Mars 1-15, 2011.



 Research Interests

Optical methods adapted for the characterization on nanostructured materials
Optical properties of nanocomposites based on polymers and nanoparticles of the type carbon nanotubes and CdS.



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Journal Of Solid State Chemistry  197, 352-360, 2013