Irina-Ionela Zgura
Scientific Researcher 3-rd degree

phone: +40-21369 0170 / 199, 148, 178  
Fax    : +40-21369 0177



Recent positions held and present:


2001-2005: Assistant researcher, National Institute of Materials Physics;

2005-2011: Researcher, National Institute of Materials Physics.

2011-present: Researcher 3rd degree, National Institute of Materials Physics


Research experience


Liquid crystal alignment, molecular anchoring, angle measurement.
Dielectric behavior of liquid crystals

Surface phenomena in liquid crystals

Temperature induced phenomena in lyotropic liquid crystal systems

Density measurement

Contact angle, surface tension measurement

Recently published paper (2008 - 2011)

1. On the optical thickness dependence of the electro-optical properties of an in-plane switching LC cell, T. Beica, S. Frunza, I. Zgura, R. Moldovan, A. Dinescu. Optoelectr.
Adv. Mater. Vol. 10, No. 3, p. 558-563, 2008

2. Studies on multifunctional textile materials. I. Plasma depositions onto textile materials and onto reference plates,T. Beica, L. C. Nistor, C. Morosanu, L. Frunza, G. Stan, I.Zgura, D. Marcov,  A. Dorogan, E. Carpus,J. Optoelectr. Adv. Mater Vol. 10, No. 10, p. 2811-2817, 2008

3. Temperature dependence of the density of liquid crystals in the alkyl cyanobiphenyl series, I. Zgura, R. Moldovan, T. Beica, S. Frunza,Cryst. Res. Technol. 44, 883 -888, 2009

4. Study of ester-type liquid crystals by TSDC and optical investigation, D.  Manaila Maximean, C. Rosu, I. Zgura, L. Frunza, and D. Stoenescu, Mol. Cryst. and Liq. Cryst., Volume 512, 158- 166, 2009

5. Studies on multifunctional textile materials. II. Image based analysis and classic spectroscopy, T. Beica, L. Frunza, L. C. Nistor, I. Zgura, A. Dorogan, E. Carpus, Rom. J. Phys. 54, 391-400 (2009)

6. Involvement of cyan and ester groups in surface interactions of aerosil - cyanophenyl alkylbenzoate systems with high silica density. FTIR and TGDTA investigations, L. Frunza, S. Frunza, T. Beica, I. Zgura, N. Gheorghe, D. Stoenescu, A. Dinescu, A.Schonhals, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 75, 1228-1235, 2010.

7. Dynamics of cyanophenyl alkylbenzoate molecules in the bulk and in a surface layer adsorbed onto aerosil. Variation of the lengths of the alkyl chain, S. Frunza, A. Schonhals, L.Frunza, T. Beica, I. Zgura, P. Ganea, D. Stoenescu, Chemical Physics 372, 51-60,  2010

8. Nanostructured gold layers. I. Deposition by Vacuum evaporation at small angles of incidence, T. Beica, S. Frunza, I. Zgura, L. Frunza, C. Cotarlan, C. Negrila, A. M. Vlaicu, C. N. Zaharia,J. Optoelectr. Adv. Mater Vol. 12, 347-353, 2010

9. Nanostructured gold layers. II. Gold deposition onto polystyrene substrate, I. Zgura, T. Beica, S. Frunza, O. Rasoga, A. Galca, L. Frunza, A. Moldovan, M. Dinescu, C. Zaharia,J. Optoelectr. Adv. Mater Vol. 12, 354-359, 2010

10. Nanostructured gold layers. III. Functionalization of gold layers obliquely deposited onto polystyrene substrate, I. Zgura, T. Beica, S. Frunza, L. Frunza, C. Cotarlan, F.Ungureanu, N. Gheorghe, O. Rasoga, T. Velula, C. Zaharia,J. Optoelectr. Adv. Mater Vol  12, 1729-1738, 2010

11. Assessment of the Impression Materials by Investigation of the Hydrophilicity, I.  Zgura, T. Beica, I. L. Mitrofan, C. G. Mateias, D. Pirvu, I. Patrascu, Dig. J. Nanomater. Bios. Vol. 5, 749-755, 2010

12. Low power laser induced optical nonlinearities in organic molecules , I. Dancus, V.I. Vlad, A. Petris, S. Frunza, T. Beica, I. Zgura, F.A. Nicolescu, V.V. Jerca, D.M. Vuluga Rom.
Rom. Rep. Phys.  62(3),  567-580 (2010)

13. Nanostructured SiOx layers as substrates for liquid crystal local ordering. I. Functionalization to bind Bovine Serum Albumin, I. Zgura, T. Beica, S. Frunza, L. Frunza, P. Ganea, C. Negrila, F. Ungureanu, A. Nuta, A. Sorescu, I. Bunea, C.N. Zaharia, Optoelectron. Adv. Mat.-Rapid Comm. (OAM- RC),  5, 318-323 (2011)

14. Optically induced birefringence of a p-aminoazobenzene-epoxy resin derivative, T. Beica, I. Zgura, L. Frunza, P. Ganea, S. Frunza, L. Dumitrache, V. Raditoiu, L. Wagner Phys, 63, 2011

15. Radical change of the wetting behavior of ZnO thin films and nanoparticles with the variation of the gas pressure during pulsed laser deposition process, A.C. Popescu, G. Dorcioman, L. Duta, I.N. Mihailescu, G.E. Stan, I. Pasuk, I. Zgura, T. Beica, I. Enculescu, A. Ianculescu, I. Dumitrescu, J. App. Phys accepted august 2011



2004 Romanian Academy Prize STEFAN PROCOPIU