Ligia Frunza, Ph. D
Researcher 1-st degree

phone: +40-21369 0170 / 148
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Recent positions held and present:


1998-2001 Senior researcher 2nd degree, National Institute of Materials Physics

2001- Senior researcher 1st degree, National Institute of Materials Physics

2007- Supervisor of PhD works, Institute of Physical Chemistry IG Murgulescu of Romanian Academy



Research experience

Interactions of reactant molecules with the surface of oxide or metallic catalysts (in situ IR spectroscopy, UV-vis spectroscopy, modeling by molecular orbital theory)
Human hemoglobin and the effect of different effectors (laser photolysis)
Composite obtaining and their characterization (thermal analysis methods)
Substitution in the framework of molecular sieves (sol-gel synthesis, XRD)
Dynamics of some molecules in a free or confined state (broadband dielectric spectroscopy)

Recently published paper (2008 - 2011)

Relaxation processes of water confined to AlMCM-41 molecular sieves. Influence of the hydroxyl groups of the pore surface, L. Frunza, A. Schonhals, H. Kosslick, S. Frunza Eur. Phys. J. E. 26, 379-386 (2008)

Phase behavior and molecular mobility of n-octylcyanobiphenyl confined to molecular sieves: Dependence on the pore size, L. Frunza, S. Frunza, H. Kosslick, A. Schonhals Phys. Rev. E.
78, 051701 (2008)

Studies on multifunctional textile materials. I. Plasma deposition onto textile materials and onto reference plates,T. Beica, L. C. Nistor, C. Morosanu, L. Frunza, G. E. Stan, I  Zgura, D. Marcov, A. Dorogan, E. Carpus 
J. Optoelectr. Advanced Mater. 10, 2811-2817 (2008)

Dynamics of Cyanophenyl Alkylbenzoate Molecules in a Surface Layer Adsorbed onto Aerosil. I. Cyanophenyl Hexylbenzoate, S. Frunza, A. Schonhals, H. Goering, D. Manaila-Maximean, T. Beica, L. Frunza, R. Moldovan Mol. Cryst. liq. Cryst. 495, 60-79 (2008)


Re-Cr-Ni high-temperature resistant coatings on Cu substrates prepared by thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) method, C. C. Surdu Bob, C. P. Lungu, I. Mustata, L. Frunza  J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 41, 132001 (2008)


Study of Ester-Type Liquid Crystals by TSDC and Optical Investigations, D. Manaila-Maximean;  C. Rosu;  I. Zgura;  L. Frunza; D. StoenescU, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 512 (2009) 158/[2004] -166/[2012]

Composites containing confined n-octyl-cyanobiphenyl: Monomer and dimer species in the surface layer by in situ FTIR spectroscopy , Frunza L, Frunza S, Poterasu M, Beica T, Kosslick, Stoenescu D, Spectrochim. Acta Part A-Mol. Biomolec. Spectrosc., 72, 248-253 (2009)


Total Oxidation of Toluene on Ferrite-type Catalysts M. Florea, M. Alifanti, V.I. Parvulescu, D. Mihaila-Tarabasanu, L. Diamandescu, M. Feder, C. Negrila, L. Frunza Catal. Today 141, 361-366 (2009)

Studies on Multifunctional Textile Materials. II. Image Based Analysis and Classic Spectroscopy T. Beica, L. Frunza, L.C.Nistor, I. Zgura, A.Dorogan, E. Carpus
Rom. J. Phys., 54, 391-400 (2009)

Involvement of cyan and ester groups in surface interactions of aerosil - cyanophenyl alkylbenzoate systems with high silica density. FTIR and TGDTA investigations, L. Frunza, S. Frunza, I. Zgura, T. Beica, N. Gheorghe, P. Ganea, D. Stoenescu, A. Dinescu, A.Schonhals, Spectrochim. Acta A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 75, 1228-1235 (2010)


Vibrational and molecular dynamics of a nanoconfined liquid crystal, A. Schonhals, S. Frunza, L. Frunza, T. Unruh, B. Frick, R. Zorn Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 189, 251-255 (2010)

Molecular Relaxation Processes in a MOF-5 Structure Revealed by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy: Signature of Phenylene Ring Fluctuations, S. Frunza, A. Schonhals, L. Frunza, P. Ganea, H. Kosslick, J. Harloff, A. Schulz
J. Phys. Chem. B  114, 12840-12846 (2010)


Comment on Investigating hydration dependence of dynamics of confined water: Monolayer, hydration water, and Maxwell-Wagner processes, J. Chem. Phys. 128, 154503 (2008)], Y. Ryabov, A. Gutina, Y. Feldman, S. Frunza, L. Frunza, A. Schonhals J. Chem. Phys. 133, 037101 (2010)


Dynamics of cyanophenyl alkylbenzoate molecules in the bulk and in a surface layer adsorbed onto aerosil. Variation of the lengths of the alkyl chain, S. Frunza, A. Schonhals, L. Frunza, T. Beica, I. Zgura, P. Ganea, D. Stoenescu, Chem. Phys. 372, 51-60 (2010)


Molecular mobility of nematic E7 confined to molecular sieves with a low filling degree, A. R. Bras, S. Frunza, L. Guerreiro, I. M. Fonseca, A. Corma, L. Frunza, M. DionÝsio, A. Schonhals J. Chem. Phys. 132, 224508 (2010)


Nanostructured gold layers. I. Deposition by Vacuum evaporation at small angles of incidence, Beica, T., Frunza, S., Zgura, I., Frunza, L., Cotarlan, C., Negrila, C., Vlaicu, A. M., Zaharia, C. N. J. Optoel. Adv. Mater. 12, 347-353 (2010)


Nanostructured gold layers. II. Gold deposition onto polystyrene substrate, Zgura, I., Beica, T., Frunza, S., Rasoga, O., Galca, A., Frunza, L., Moldovan, A., Dinescu, M., Zaharia, C.J. Optoel. Adv. Mater. 12, 354-359 (2010)


Nanostructured gold layers. III. Functionalization of gold layers obliquely deposited onto polystyrene substrate, Zgura, I., Beica, T., Frunza, S., Frunza, L., Cotirlan-Simioniuc, C., Ungureanu, F., Gheorghe, N., Rasoga, O., Velula, T., Zaharia, C.J. Optoel. Adv. Mater. 12, 1729-1738 (2010)


Removal of Reactive Black 5 azo-dye from aqueous solutions by catalytic oxidation using CuO/Al2O3 and NiO/Al2O3 , C. Bradu, L. Frunza, N. Mihalche, S.-M. Avramescu, M. Neaţă, I. Udrea, Applied Catal. B: Environmental, 96, 548-556 (2010).


Improved large mesoporous ordered molecular sieves-Stabilization and acid/base functionalization, H. Kosslick, I. Pitsch, J. Deutsch, M.-M. Pohl, A. Schulz, V. A. Tuanc, N. D. Tuyen, L. Frunza, C. Jaeger, Catal. Today 152 (2010) 54-60


Nanostructured SiOx layers as substrates for liquid crystal local ordering. I. Functionalization to bind Bovine Serum Albumin, I. Zgura, T. Beica, S. Frunza, L. Frunza, P. Ganea, C. Negrila, F. Ungureanu, A. Nuta, A.-A. Sorescu, I. Bunea, C. N. Zaharia, Optoelectron. Adv. Mater-Rapid Comm. 5, 318-323 (2011).

Optically induced birefringence of a p-aminoazobenzene-epoxy resin derivative, T. Beica, I. Zgura, L. Frunza, P. Ganea, S. Frunza, L. Dumitrache, V. Raditoiu, L. Wagner Rom. Rep. Phys. 63 (3) (2011). 

Investigations on electrical and electro-optical properties of liquid crystal/copolymer-clay nanostructured systems, D. Manaila Maximean, C. Rosu, L. Frunza, P. Ganea, D. Donescu, M. Ghiurea, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 546, 143/[1613]-155/[1625] (2011)

Spectroscopic analysis of the interstitial anions in some layered double hydroxide materials, L. Frunza
, N. Gheorghe, F. Iova, P. Ganea, F. Neatu, V.I. Parvulescu, Rev. Chimie Bucuresti 62 (8) (2011)





2000 Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, Excellence Diploma

2005 Romanian Academy Prize IG Murgulescu