Mihail Secu , Ph. D
Scientific Researcher 1-st degree

phone: +40-21369 0170 / 161
Fax    : +40-21369 0177
E-mail: msecu@infim.ro


1999 - PhD in Physics at the University of Bucharest

1994 - Enrolled for a PhD at University of Bucharest

1992 - Physicist diploma -Optics, Spectroscopy, Plasma and Lasers

1987- 1992 - University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics,



- Romanian Academy Award (2005) for the group of papers Optical materials with applications for the radiation detection

- Excellence award for oral presentation at the 15th International Conference on defects in Insulating materials ICDIM-2004, Riga LATVIA



-Optical characterisation of rare-earth doped materials and radiation induced defects

- Synthesis (sol-gel, melt-quenching) and characterisation of rare-earth doped glass and glass-ceramics

- Up-and down-conversion in the glass ceramics for high-eficiency solar cells

- Nanoparticles size effects in rare-earth doped oxyfluoride glass-ceramics



Sept.-Oct. 2008 Visiting scientist at the Fraunhoffer Center Silizium-Photovoltaik, (CSP), Halle Germany, within the project Up- and down-conversion in the glass ceramics for high-eficiency solar cells


June-October 2005 Visiting scientist at the University of Groningen, The Nederland in the frame of the project: "Thermoluminescence and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating for geochronometry of samples from the Quaternary", granted by the Neederlandse Organisatie voor Wettenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO)


Jan. 2000-Oct. 2003 Post-doc scholarship at the University of Paderborn Germany, in the frame of the project Photostimulated luminescence of glass-ceramics as X-ray storage phosphors granted by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)



2011-2012 Capacities (Module 3)-bilateral cooperation between National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele, ROMANIA and East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai CHINA entitled Study of Down-Conversion Quantum Cutting Effects on Doped Glasses for Better Exploitation of the Solar Spectrum (head of the romanian research team)


2006-2008 Joint research project between ENEA Frascati Rome, Italy and National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania entitled Optical Spectroscopy of point defects in heavy doped LiF for photonic applications; (head of the romanian research team)




- PD Dr. S. Schweizer (Centre for Innovation Competence SiLi-nano, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Halle (Saale), GERMANY

- Prof. Dr. U. Rogulis (Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, Riga, LATVIA)



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