Marian Sima, Ph. D
Scientific Researcher 2-nd degree

phone: +40-21369 0170 / 161
Fax    : +40-21369 0177



1996 -PhD in Chemistry at Politehnica University of Bucharest, with a subject about electrochemistry of the polyaniline 

1991 -Enrolled for a PhD at Politehnica University, Bucharest

1981 -Chemist diploma - Aromaticity and Tautomerism at Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bucharest



-Romanian Academy Award (2004) Stefan Procopiu for the group of papers Methods of preparation of the nanowires with special properties



-Thermoelectric materials synthesis and characterization ((Bi2(Te,Se)3 and (Bi,Sb)2Te3 nanowires);

-Nanostructuring of semiconductor materials;

-Dye sensitized solar cells;

-Conducting polymers electrochemistry.






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11. Electrochemical deposition of PbSe1-x Tex nanorod arrays using ion track etched membranes as template
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Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 418 (2004) 21(749)-27(755)