Poly para-phenylene-vinylene (PPV) belongs to the class of π-conjugate polymers, currently named as conducting polymers. The properties of conducting polymers, in particular those of PPV, are in forefront of many applications as light emission diode (LEDs), light emitting electrochemical cells, photovoltaic cells, photo-detectors, optical couplers, optically pumped lasers, field effect transistors. The insertion of some organic or inorganic nanoparticles in the polymer matrix can lead not only to the improvement of operating parameters for such optoelectronic devices but also to new electrical and optical properties in the composite material. In this project one propose the synthesis and the investigation of photoconduction and photoluminescence properties of two nano-structured composites, namely poly para-phenylene-vinylene/carbon nanotubes (PPV/NTC) and poly para-phenylene-vinylene/ oxide nanoparticles (PPV/NPO), as TiO2 and SiO2. such an objective involves an intense interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of physics of condensed matter, physical – chemistry and macromolecular chemistry. The main issues proposed to be solved in the frame of this project are: