The general objectives of this project are:
i) the evidence of the percolating character of the process of photoconduction in composites of the type PPV/CNs; the establishment of the percolation threshold; the study of the kinetics of extinction of the photocurrent upon the cessation of the optical excitation; the evidence of a process of charge transfer in the PPV/TiO2 composite;
 ii) the evidence of the modifications induced in the photoluminescence spectra by the concentration of CNs and NPO, respectively (TiO2; SiO2); the comparison of the experimental results with the forecasts of a theoretic model; the revelation of luminescence quenching effects and their interpretation in terms of transfer of energy / charge from the polymer to CNs or NPO, respectively;
iii) the evidence, at high excitation densities, of a laser-like emission in films of PPV with incorporated oxide particles (TiO2; SiO2); iv) The revelation, by means of measurements of transient emission, of the dynamics of the excited states in composites of the type PPV/NTC and PPV/NPO.