Partner Synthesis Analysis
i) FT Raman spectrometer RFS-100 Bruker;
ii) spectrometer Horiba Jobin Yvon Fluorolog, model FL-3.22; iii) Raman experimental set-up operating with excitation light comming from a Argon and Krypton lasers;
iii) Photoluminescence experimental set-up operating under pulse excitation that consits from a nitrogen pulse laser (~5 ns pulse duration; 1MW peak power) , SPM-2 monochromator, integrator BOXCAR Averager from PRINCETON APPLIED RESEARCH model 165 /r digital TEKTRONIX TDS 320 interfatat cu calculator; ; iv) Photoconductivity experimental set-
up consisting from a halogen (100 W) / xenon (100 W) lamp as light source ,
monocromator JOBIN YVON tip H 20 with concave holographic grating (1200 tr/mm), Vibrating Reed electrometer CARY 401 (sensibility 10-17 A), X-Y recorder ENDIM622.01;
v) FTIR spectrometer model Bruker 683/Vertex 80;
vi) absorption spectrometer UV-VIS-NIR, Lamda 90, Perkin Elmer.

For time-resolved PL experiment are used a laser system generating 30 fs pulsed at 1KHz, the pump enegy density is set at 3.75 nJ/pulse, a monochromator and a streak camera of temporal resolution <20 ps.; vi) polymerization instalation, 
UPB   Superkantal fournance (15500C)

Schott vascozimeter;