The project proposes the production and investigation of new optical elements: prisms, optical gratings, mirrors, fibers, beam combinersv and splitters, as well as combination thereof of interest in demonstrative optoelectronic applications, based on the non-crystalline chalcogenide infrared material As-(S,Se). It will be developed a procedure for production of optical elements for optoelectronic circuits based on chalcogenide materials through mechano-thermal processing and the properties of the resulted products will be investigated.

For tuning the optical properties of the infrared glasses, it will be used the characteristic phenomenon of photostructuring. The photo-induced transformations will allow the control of the refractive index and other properties to be made compatible with the optoelectronic configuration considered for application.

The project aims to get chalcogenide quantum dots with luminescence properties from pure and doped chalcogenide glasses. The procedure implies an original evaporation-condensation method starting from thin amorphous films deposited on optical glass. The investigation of the luminescent quantum dots with the purpose to apply the surfaces functionalized by chalcogenide quantum dots in luminescent panels, is another aim of the project.