Production of infrared optical elements and quantum dots based on chalcogenide glasses.


Specific objectives (SO):

SO 1:  - Elaboration of the methodology of research and preparation of the target material for production of thin nanostructured films;

SO 2:  - Experiments for deposition of thin chalcogenide films and for preparation of the special optical infrared elements and quantum dots;

SO 3:  - Preparation of bulk and thin films doped glassy chalcogenides;

SO 4:  - Demonstration of the special properties of the quantum dots surfaces

SO 5:  - Production of an optoelectronic system and demonstration of its special properties;

SO 6:  - Creation of a crystalline surface functionalized by luminescent quantum dots.


            The objectives are in perfect agreement with the objectives of the Program, Priority Research Domain 1, Research Direction 1.7, Thematic Research Area 1.7.11, which stimulates the researches in the direction of getting new optical micro and nano infrared elements and discovery of new phenomena and materials.

            There are considered researches in new technologies and materials, as well as in applications in optoelectronics. The researches are also directly related to the objectives of the European Frame Program FP7 (Nanosciences and nanotechnologies).