Technical details:
- the T64000 Raman system is composed of a pre-monochromator and a spectrograph stage;
 - the pre-monochromator, working as a tunable filter is a double subtractive monochromator equipped with two 1800 gr/mm diffraction gratings.
-  the spectrograph stage, used as disperser is provided with a two grating-turret (one of the two gratings of 1800gr/mm and the other 600gr/mm)
- the spectrum is acquired with a multi-channel  Charge Coupled Device (CCD) detector (1024x256 pixels), cooled by liquid nitrogen down to - 140 0C.
-the Raman system T64000 is equipped with a confocal Olympus BX41 microscope that permits experiments on micrometer size samples, with an improved lateral and depth resolution; a macro chamber is also available.
- system control and data acquisition are performed under LabSpec (version 5.45.09) software.
- micro and macro sample can be measured;
- measurement configurations:  (a) double subtractive monochromator + spectrograph for the measurement of low frequency bands (typically down to 2 to 5 cm-1) and (b) single spectrograph for the highest optical throughput on weak scattering samples;
- spectral range: 0-950 nm (mechanical range)
- resolution: better than 2 pixels of the CCD;  typically, at 514.5 nm, the resolution of spectrograph stage is 6 cm-1 for the 600 gr/mm diffraction grating, and 2 cm-1 for the 1800 gr/mm diffraction grating;
- excitation laser sources: (a) Argon laser (the main lines at 514.5 nm and 488 nm) and (b) Krypton laser (lines at 647.1 nm and 676. 4 nm).
- the T64000 Raman system is used for measuring of vibration modes of gas, liquid, and solid samples (amorphous, crystal, powder, gel, film).