Technical details:
-excitation sources: tungsten and deuterium lamps
-double monochromator equipped with 1140tr/mm (UV/VIS range) and 360 tr/mm (NIR range) gratings
-detectors: R6872 (UV/VIS range) and PbS-Peltier effect cooled (NIR range)  photomultipliers
-beam splitter: 46 Hz chopper
-Acquisition & control software: UV WinLab 5.2.0
-accessories: integrating sphere and universal reflectance accessory
-spectral range: 175-3300nm
-resolution: δ 0.05nm (UV/VIS), δ 0.2nm (NIR)
-wavelength precision: ± 0.08nm (UV/VIS), ± 0.3nm (NIR)
Experiment types: absorbance (A), transmittance (%T), reflectance (%R), energy from sample beam (E1), energy from reference beam (E2)